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Aloe vera

Aloe vera the 'Wonder Plant"

Aloe vera is a short-stemmed shrub which is found only in cultivation and never in wild. It belongs to the Liliaceae family (lily family).There are more than 500 identified species of Aloe vera.The leaves of this shrub is succulent, erect and form a dense rosette.

According to Kew Gardens, England's royal botanical center of excellence, Aloe vera has been used for centuries and is currently more popular than ever. It is cultivated worldwide, primarily as a crop for "Aloe gel", which comes from the leaf. The Aloe Vera leaf is filled with a clear gel-like substance, which is approximately 99% water.

Different parts of the plant are used for different effects on the body and Aloe Vera has both internal and external applications. Aloe vera is widely used today as food, in preparing cosmetics, it is also used as a food supplement and it has proved to have herbal remedies.

Aloe vera is made up of more than 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharide, and fatty acids- no wonder it’s used for such a wide range of remedies. Man has used aloe therapeutically for over 5000 years. The list of benefits and effects for this miraculous plant are many.


1. When used topically:
·         It is used as a soothing body rub.
·         Helps to treat minor burns
·         It removes black and blue bruises
·         Treats sun burns cause it contains menthol
·         Treats the sting or bite of insect
·         Gives baby soft foot
·         Treats Athlete’s foot
·         As an antidote to skin allergies
·         Good moisturizer
·         Prevents pimples and acne
·         Stops scarring and stretch marks
·         Reduces signs of aging and skin wrinkles
·         Eliminates Eczema
·         Brightens the skin tone
·         Reduces pigmentation and dark spots
·         Increases hair growth
·         Used as a hair conditioner
·         Treats minor vaginal irritations

2. When taken as juice:
·         Reduces gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion
·         It has high laxative effects
·         Reduces symptoms of bowel syndrome
·         Reduces bloating and discomfort of the stomach
·         Reduces arthritis
·         Reduces rheumatism pain
·         It also relieves heartburn
·         Reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
·         Strengths the gums and makes teeth healthy
·         Removes urinary tract infections
·         Treats ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids
·         Gives a healthy heart by reducing cholesterol levels
·         It also removes eye and ear infections
·         It is a general detoxifier