All New Trends by Catagiri



  • This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.
  • Seek not, touch not with your toes even, anything that is uncanny.
  • Do not go for glass beads leaving the mine of diamonds! This life is a great chance.... Seek for the highest, aim at the highest and you shall reach the highest. 
  • Life is short! Give it up to a great cause.
  • Work hard. Be holy and pure, and the fire will come. 
  • Cherish positive thoughts.
  • Nothing will be able to resist truth and love and sincerity. Are you sincere? Unselfish even unto death? - loving? Then fear not, not even death. Onward, my lads!
  • Have you love? You are omnipotent. Are you perfectly unselfish? If so, you are irresistible.
  • Your country requires heroes; be heroes!
  • I believe in God and I believe in man. I believe in helping the miserable, I believe in going even to hell to save others.
  • Great men are those who build highways for others with their heart's blood.
  • Take care of these two things - love of power and jealousy. Cultivate always "FAITH IN YOURSELF."
  • The secret of success of the Westerners is the power of organization and combination. That is only possible with mutual trust and co-operation and help.