All New Trends by Catagiri


     Fish is a good source of proteins, and it has lower levels of saturated fats in it. Some cold-water fishes like SALMON, MACKEREL & HERRING  are rich sources of OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS,  which does not clot blood vessels, there by preventing us from heart attack. ANDOVIES, SARDINES AND LAKE TROUT are also good source of omega-3.

        The foremost contaminant in fish is MERCURY. Our seas and oceans have become so polluted with INDUSTRIAL WASTE . This is the  cause for  high level deposits of mercury in the water sources. And this shows up in the fish as highly toxic METHYL MERCURY ultimately. When we consume this it stays in our system for more than a year.

         The deposit of methyl mercury in the fish might be in low levels but it proves to be very harmful to developing fetuses,babies and younger ones. So pregnant women, nursing mothers and children below 5 yrs must avoid fishes like TILE FISH. SWORDFISH, KING, MACKEREL & SHARK.

  1. IMPORTED CATFISH: It is imported from Vietnam, where it is grown giving antibiotics banned in                                            America.
  2. FARM-EEL:                   It has potentially high levels of PCB's and mercury.
  3. KING MACKEREL:      Has high levels of mercury.
  4. ORANGE ROUGHY:    Has high levels of mercury and is over-fished.
  5. CHILEAN SEA BASS: It is over-fished and has mercury.
  6. SHARK:                        Fishing of this effects the ecosystem directly so it has to be avoided and it has high levels of mercury.
  7. IMPORTED SHRIMP:   It has high levels of antibiotics and chemical residue used to clean pens, filth                                        like mouse hair, rat hair and pieces of insects.
  8. SWORD FISH:              Has high levels of mercury.
  9. TILE FISH:                    It has mercury.
  10. BLUE FIN TUNA:        This particular species of Tuna has high levels of mercury and is over fished.
  11. CAVIAR:                      This comes from beluga and wild caught sturgeon which are over-fished.
  12. ATLANTIC FLAT FISH: This includes Flounder, Sole and Halibut which are caught of the Atlantic                                            coast. It has high levels of mercury and are over-fished.
  13. ATLANTIC SALMON: Both wild-caught and farmed must be avoided because catching salmon in                                        wild has been banned and when grown in farms they have to be administered                                       with antibiotics and pesticides which will be left as a residue in the fish.
  14. IMPORTED KING CRAB: Over-fishing.