All New Trends by Catagiri


It all started when Bjorn Borg grew a beard and wore the same Fila shirt before every Wimbledon to Maria Sharapova refusing to step on the lines of the court, tennis players have always been very superstitious. Here are some of the players with their superstition.
1. ROGER FEDERER: The 17 time Grand Slam winner was born on August 8, and considerers it to be his lucky number and he carries 8 racquets to every match he plays. He also carries eight water bottles and hits eight aces before starts to play the match. He also seems to ask for eight towel rubs before every set.

2. NOVAK DJOKOVIC: He carries his pet Pierre, the poodle to every match that he plays considering it to be his good luck charm. He also refuses to use the same shower twice as he thinks it to bring him bad luck. 

3. RAFAEL NADAL: The world no. 1 is very concerned about his water bottles. He always places two bottles to the left of his chair with its labels facing a particular direction. He takes only one sip from each of them between games and sees that no one touches his bottles. It was once commented by John Lloyd, “His opponent should kick the bottles and see what happens.”

4. SERENA WILLIAMS: Serena’s secret in winning the Grand Slam titles depends on her socks. It is true. If she wins a match, she wears the same unwashed pair of socks for the next match as well. As long as her victory in the tournament goes she is very much to wear the same pair of unwashed socks till the end. He is said to bring her shower sandals to court and ties her shoe laces in a specific way.

5. ANDRE AGASSI: The strangest of all superstitions belongs to Agassi. In 1999 Roland Garros he forgot to pack his underwear and decided to play the first round commando. When he ended up winning the match he decided to play the tournament commando. Strangely he went on to win the French Open that same year.

6. RICHARD GASQUET: Gasquet follows an odd practice. If he wins a point he insists on continuing the game with the same ball even if it on the other side of the court.

7. GORAN IVANISEVIC: This player had a habit of watching Teletubbies every morning and had the same dinner at the same table of a restaurant in SW! He entered the Wimbledon tournament in 2001 as wildcard. But following this superstition he went on to win the title.