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Luis Suarez the footballer has done it again. After having bitten his opponents in the past in club matches, he moved to the next level and allegedly bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in the FIFA World Cup game between Italy and Uruguay. But, he is not alone in the biting club. Here are some more celebs who have the right to bite:-

MIKE TYSON:- It was in a match between Tyson and Evander Holyfield in 1997. During the match Tyson bit the latter on his right. ear, tearing off a small piece and spitting it out on the ring. Even after he was warned, he did it again and was disqualified.

TREE ROLLINS: in a basketball game in 1983, American star Tree Rollins got into a brawl with Danny Ainge over a tackle and bit his hand. Ainge had to get two stitches on his hand.

CLAUDE LEMIEUX: He was accused of biting his opponent Jim Peplinski’s finger during a match in 1986.


ALEX BURROWS: In 2011 Stanley Cup finals, ice-hockey star Alex Burrows apparently bit Patrice Bergeron on his finger.


RAFAEL NADAL: Rafa has a unique way of celebrating his victories. The Spaniard bites into the trophy every time he wins a championship.


ROBERT PATTISON: Reel vampire took the biting phenomenon beyond the big scree. During a promotional appearance on The Tyra Banks Show in 2010, the Twilight star created quite a buzz when he pretended to bite Tyra’s neck.

BITE IN SERIALS: Popular shows based on vampires and draculas offer some interesting bite moments. From Supernatural to The Vampire Diaries, some of the best on-screen bites are those that the protagonists give to their partners to protect them from the antagonists.