All New Trends by Catagiri


Yearly passengers: 46.5 million
·         Has won more than 430 awards from the year 1981
·         Has won 30 awards for being the best in 30 categories in 2012 alone.
·         Has the most opportunities for entertainment for the passengers – 3D Experience Zone, Interactive Art Station, Movie theatre, Live Music, Gardens with butterflies and koi, showers etc.
·         This year, it won high marks for security, immigration processing, leisure options, and cleanliness. 

Yearly passengers: 39.2 million
·         It is one of the busiest airports in the world.
·         It is the largest in South Korea.
·         It has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International for the past seven years in succession.
·         ICN private sleeping rooms, ice skating rink, spa, indoor gardens, golf course, casino, Museum of Korean Culture, shopping mall etc.

Yearly passengers: 49.8 million
·         It is the fourth busiest airport in Europe in accordance with passenger traffic and therefore called as “Airport City”.
·         It has a casino; children’s play area, museum of classical art, world’s first airport library and spa.
·         Passengers can download e-books, and free music free of cost.
·         Schiphol was originally a military airfield and it has now been transformed into one of the busiest airports of the world. 

Yearly passengers: 53.3 million
·         It is one of the world’s busiest passenger airports and it the biggest cargo gateway of the world.
·         It has the Aviation Discovery Center, exhibitions of Chinese medicinal workshops, IMAX theatre, i-Sports simulators which help the passengers to play football, basketball, boxing, shooting, car racing, nine-hole golf course and more.
·         It is located less than five flying hours from half of the world’s population.
·         It was awarded for its best dining, baggage delivery, cleanliness and shopping.  

Yearly passengers: 78 million
·         It is the busiest in Asia and the second-busiest in the world.
·         It has mobile charging stations, lounges, free Wi-Fi, free 24-hour shuttle bus which transports travelers to the Hilton hotel, where they can use the gym and swimming pool.
·         Terminal 3 is the second largest airport terminal in the world, after Dubai International Airport’s terminal 3.
·         The luggage claim Lobby has four dressing rooms with mirrors, tables, and chairs helping passengers to change after a long flight 
Yearly passengers: 37.8 million
·         It has a very long name - Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß and is the second busiest airport of Germany.
·         During bad weather or delays it gives its passengers cots to curl up
·         It has a massive shopping mall, business, and recreation area, Kempinski Fit and Fly Spa, minigolf, cinema and several historic aircrafts that can be toured.
·         It has the world’s first airport brewery where 7 kinds of beers are brewed. 
Yearly passengers: 24.8 million
·         Switzerland’s largest international airport is really awesome – it is clean, well-maintained
·         It provides it passengers food, endless shopping, clinic, post office, banks and prayer rooms.
·         One can get rented bicycles, incline skates, and Nordic walking poles to enjoy during waiting time.
·         It has a automated train called the Skymetro to shuttle travelers around.
·         It has highly ranked Skytraxs airport security processing, immigration and dinning categories.
·         It also has porter service by which passengers can pay a fee to have their baggage’s picked up from anywhere in the airport and delivered to their final destination.

Yearly passengers: 18 million
·         It gives a little serenity into the stressful travel process. It is the least busiest airport and gives its visitors a large collection of Pacific Northwest Coast Native art.
·         Passengers can relax in the Absolute spa and Hair salon.
·         The Aquarium has a 30,000 gallon tank housing more than 5,000 sea creatures in a single view.
·         It has won many airport awards earlier in 2007, ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13.
·         It has been ranked top for its staff.
·         Volunteers known as Green Coat Ambassadors, serve in the airport to help travelers get where they are going.

Yearly passengers: 62.2 million
·         It is more famous as the Most Punctual Airport in the world with 94.3% of its flight departing on time and 88.6 % arriving on time.
·         The first terminal has a six-story building with restaurants, shopping areas and rooftop observation deck with an open air café.
·         There is an exclusive pet hotel in Terminal 2.
·         It can accommodate upto 90 million passengers annually.
·         It has won the World’s Best Domestic Airport and has a good quality security processing and cleanliness.

Yearly passengers: 69.4 million
·         Terminal 5’s Heathrow Boutique gives a complimentary to personal shoppers by which they can select a gift or expand their travel wardrobe.
·         It also has a gallery exhibition sculptures from present British artists.
·         It is the 3rd busiest airport in the world.
·         It has a good ranking for its ease of use, flight information, public transport, security staff efficiency, and more.