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        The marvel team has made it once again. The stunning Wolverine will be seen once again in theaters this weekend as - 'THE WOLVERINE'.No one else can fit into the claws as Wolverine more than HUGH JACKMAN. It is set to happen in Japan. James Mangold;s super hero Wolverine is smart, factual,entertaining and surprisingly different from the usual X-MEN films.
       Fans are with great expectations to see the movie even better than the ones before. James has gone one more step ahead to par all the expectations. it is been made by FOX as an attempt ot repair the damage made by "X-Men Origin : Wolverine", which did not do well in the box office.

     The screen play has been written by Mark Bomback and Scott Frank. The film opens with Logan silently roaming in Yukon wilds. Having sworn not to indulge in his violent ways, he identifies more with a ferocious grizzly than any of the  sport hunters he encounters in town, setting up concerns and symbols that resurface later in significant ways. 
     When the irresponsible humans kill the bear, Wolverine flies off the handle, only ot be rescued by Yukio, who takes him away with her to Japan. There a person from Logan's past wants to relieve him of his mutant healing ability. She being saved from the nuclear bomb blast of Japan, Kejuichio Harada - has immortality which she likes and Wolverine considers as a curse. She suggests a trade that would allow him to reunite with Jean Grey who come before him in visions.
     The first action sequence comes in about half an hour. But it is worth the wait. It has been elegantly choreographed, as a squad of Yakuza descend on Harada's funeral, attempting to kill his daughter, Mariko. It has been shot on top of a speeding bullet train. 

     Wolverine wins the fight but finds out that his wounds will not heal on its own because of Harada's nurse, who had done something to impair Logan's strength. In the whole process of protecting Mariko, Wolverine faces a sterling risk of death and starts to bleed.
     This gives Jackman an opportunity to explore the softer side of Wolverine. The movie boasts one of the best pulp-inspired scripts yet. Its still full of mawkish dialogues, but there is a genuine elegance and Logan slowly comes back and finds a way to his regained heroic potential.
      Despite of a great production house, elegant story telling and a good cross-country score from Marco Beltrami - Wolverine falls a little short of expectations. Mangold's accession is clear and correct. It was to make as EASTERN WESTERN movie. But nothing has been done to improve the overall state of comic book movies.
      It is a power packed movie right up-till the end when. The climax has Wolverine facing two villains - one CG SILVER SAMURAI & a mutant VIPER. But in the end nothing is stronger than Wolverine's claws and his spirit.