All New Trends by Catagiri


     Do people who eat a lot of fat foods look fat? Surely a NO  is the answer. It has been scientifically proven that eating fatty foods do not make us obese.On the contrary, eating foods which are packed with wrong kinds of fats are proven to increase our weight drastically.Trans fats found in PIE CRUSTS & BAKED FOOD ; Saturated fats in processed grain feed MEAT, are definitely very harmful to our body.
     On the contrary Healthy Fats  help us to reduce the number of calories we intake a day. It also helps us in string our metabolism and helps to keep our heart healthy.


  1. GRASS FED MEAT:- Though these meats are of a higher cost - the resultant of taking such good food is further more important . The OMEGA 3  in such meat helps to reduce HEART ATTACK. They also have fewer calories than the GRAIN FEED MEAT.
  2. OLIVE OIL:- An Olive oil rich diet increases the levels of ADIPONECTIN  which is a hormone, helpful in breaking down the fats in our body. Olive oil is also a good source of CANCER FIGHTING POLY-PHENOLS and heart strengthening MONO-SATURATED FATTY ACIDS. So increase the use of Olive oil in cooking salads and sauces.
  3. COCONUT:- Though coconut is rich in SATURATED FATS, it comes from LAURIC ACID, which fights bacteria and reduces cholesterol. When added in the diet it reduces ABDOMINAL OBESITY. Use flakes as dressing and add on coconut milk to the diet.
  4. DARK CHOCOLATE:- Dark chocolate has pure cocoa butter, which in turn is rich in DIGESTION SLOWING STEARIC ACID. Because of this it takes more time to digest and reduces our hunger more, than the white chocolate which has added butter fat that passes out quickly from out the Gut. Try to have it a few days before the meal to show its real effect.
  5. ALMOND BUTTER:- Adding almond butter to the diet helps to reduce our waist line. It shows more effect than a low-fat diet. It combines certain compounds that limit the amount of FAT ABSORBED by our body. We must try to add them into our oat meal or spread to bread toast and banana slices.