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     TAKACAUVERY, the birth place of the holy river Sri Cauvery, is situated on the slope of the Brahmagiri hills. It is located at a height of 1535 meters from the sea level. Sri Agastya Maharishi after marrying Sri Cauvery made Talacauvery hi abode of living. Sage Agastya did penance and got the blessing of Lord Brahma in the hilly area of Talacauvery. Therefore, the nearby hillock was called as Brahmagiri and connected hilly range as Brahmagiri range of hills. It is traditionally believed that in ancient times the renowned seven great sages called “SAPTA MAHARSHIS” had performed special “YAGNA” – holy sacrifice – at the peak of the Brahmagiri hills. Brahmagiri majestically stands by the northern side of Sri Agasteshwara temple. A visit to the “Brahamagiri” peak and offering of prayers to God there are considered holy and spiritually beneficial. The natural scenic beauty in and around Brahmagiri hills is really rich and pleasant.

      Even though Sri Cauvery is worshipped as Divine Mother by millions of devotees, there is no temple dedicated to her for worship at Talacauvery. It is told in Puranas and traditionally believed that she is manifesting herself in the physical world in the form of holy river. Accordingly Sri Cauvery is being wordhipped in her holy water form only. Therefore, the holy Brahma Kundika – reverentially called as “Sri Cauvery Kundika” is itself her abode, the holy water in it is her image at Talacauvery. Daily regular worship is offered to Divine Mother Sri Cauvery at this small holy water pond.
      The adjoining bigger water tank is called “SRI CAUVERY PUNYA SNANA KOLA” – Sri Cauvery holy bathing tank – is where pilgrims and devotees take their holy bath at Talacauvery on all occasions. Sri Cauvery Kundika the holy source of Sri Cauvery is the most sacred and divinely blessed spot where the pilgrims and devotees worship Sri Cauvery and pray for her blessings. Sincere prayers and devout worship offered to the divine Mother Sri Cauvery here prove very effective is what the experience of our forefathers had and it is the experience of the people of present generation too. That is why Talacauvery is hailed as JAGRATA DIVYA KSHETRA – A holy place of divine awakening.

     There are two temples at Talacauvery. One is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and other to Lord Shiva. The Lord Shiva in Talacauvery is called as Sri Agastheshwara. After doing penance and getting the blessings of Lord Shiva at Talacauvery sage Agastya decided to install a Shiva Linga there. Accordingly he shaped out of sand by his yogic powers a Shiva Linga and with devotion installed it there. Therefore, it was called as Sri Agasteshwara and it is the age ofld belief that special manifestation of divinity of Lord Shiva is present in this rare and ancient Shiva Linga.

   There is a short Ashwattha tree at Talacauvery. It has its own traditional story and special sanctity. According to traditional story Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva – Trimurthis gave “Darshan” – became visible, to sage Agastya in this holy tree and blessed him. As a special mark of remembrance of the event the three Lords assured sage Agastya that this particular Ashwattha tree would always remin dwaf in its growth at Talacauvery and the special divine presence of the three lords would be in it. Hence this Ashwattha tree is signifincntly sacred and devotees always do not forget to worship and pray in it’s presence. This sacred Ashwatha tree at Talacauvery is reverentially worshipped as Sri Ashwattha Narayana.