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SHAVING OR WAXING - Which is the best method

Women of all ages like to have smooth and shinning skin, hair free legs, armpits, faces and shaped eye-brows. To achieve these women chose between the two – shaving & waxing. Some even go for chemical hair removal using depilatory creams. But most of the time they are confused to chose between these three methods. All hair removal methods have their own pros and cons like pain, nicks, bumps, ingrown hair and general discomfort.

Warm wax is applied to the area where the hair has to be removed, and a cloth or paper strip is applied over the wax and pressed firmly. This makes the cloth stick to the wax and the wax to the skin. Then the strip is quickly removed against the direction of hair growth. This removes the hair from its root. It works good for legs, underarms and personal areas.
·         Removes hair from the roots, which gives a hair free skin for weeks.
·         Leaves the skin smooth and shinny.
·         It is a natural way of hair removal as wax is herbal.
·         Lasts longer than shaving.
·         Ultimately results in reduced hair growth.
·         It is a very painful procedure.
·         Skin loses elasticity by repeated waxing.
·         Some types of skin develop allergies to the hot wax.
·         It is a time consuming procedure.
·         It does not work well in finely grown hair.

A shaving razor is used to remove the unwanted hair, to the level of one’s own skin. It suits best for legs, underarms, and those with fine, lighter hair.
·         It is a pain-free procedure.
·         It consumes less time.
·         It is cheaper than waxing.
·         With the invention of electronic razors, the risk in the usage or traditional razor’s has been prevented.
·         Works best when we don’t have time to go to the saloon.
·         It can cause irritation to the skin and leave it dry and itchy.
·         It is only a temporary procedure.
·         It sometime causes the hair to grow inward, under the skin leaving dark marks.
·         If use regularly, it leads to darker and thicker hair growth in future.

This procedure of hair removal is also a common one, in which a chemical based cream is applied to the area, and then wiped clean after waiting for a few minutes.
·         Less time consuming.
·         It is a painless procedure
·         It is mainly home based procedure.
·         It removes hair slightly below the surface of the skin, so it shows a lesser re-growth when compared to shaving.
·         The chemicals in the cream may irritate sensitive skin.
·         The creams have a very bad odor.
·         This procedure may lead to ingrown hairs.