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10 Minimally Educated But Unbelievably Successful People:
Education is very important for a proper development of a person. It teaches one how to be disciplined, to communicate, and to be successful in life. In general we have a perception that those who don’t go to school properly will definitely have a tough time in his/her life. But that’s not the rule for all, because here are 10 most successful and famous personalities in life who did not have a proper schooling.
John D. Rockefeller
10. John D. Rockefeller (Industrialist/Billionaire):-
One of the richest man in history, John was the son of a dodgy artist. By the time he completed his high school, he decided to go chase his dream of making $100,000 in his life time. He made history by making monopoly in the oil industry, by starting Standard Oil Industry.
9. Horace Greeley (Journalist and Congressman):-
Born in New Hampshire in the 19th century, Greeley became one of the most influential newspaper men in American history. He worked with Tribune and was the reason to find a new city in Colorado named after him.
8. John Glenn (Astronaut):-
John was a student of Muskingum College, but decided to drop out and fight in World War II after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He then when on to become a war hero and one of the most famous astronauts in history during the 1950’s-60’s.
7. Steve Jobs (Apple Co-Founder):-
The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs is considered to be the most influential technological mind of the past century. He and Wozniak created the first personal computers and later invented many electronic appliances like iPod, iPhone and iPad. All was accomplished after Jobs attended college only for 6 months.
6. Mark Twain (Author and Wit):-
The great author and humorous writer of the novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, did not have any kind of formal education while he was a child. He worked as an apprenticeship at the age or 11. At the age of 18 he left no leaf un-turned, by reading whatever paper or book that comes to his hand. He worked as a printer, steamboat pilot and served in the Confederate army but was writing all the while.
5. Henry Ford (Industrialist and Entrepreneur):-
The one, who is remembered as the sole creator of the American Automobile industry, had a limited formal education. Despite this, Ford created the mechanized assembly line and became a successfully rich industrialist.
4. William Shakespeare (Poet and Playwright):-
The most famous poet, William Shakespeare, whose play’s are still the best of all and the founder of 1700 new words is said to be drop out from middle school at the age of 13. There are no records to prove that he received or completed his formal education.
3. Winston Churchill (Statesman and War Leader):-
Born in an aristocrat family, had all the opportunity for good education, but unfortunately he found education to be very difficult. There are records for his poor performance in school and also in military service exams. He was taken into cavalry rather than infantry after applying for three times because he did not have the required qualification. But this did not stop him from becoming the most personified political leader of the 20th century. He led the United Kingdom into victory during World War II.
2. Abraham Lincoln (US President):-
 Abraham who went on to end slavery in the USA and lead America in its tough times, as the 16th President, is said to have had no proper education when he was a child. Known to be a very lazy person in his early ages, Abraham was entirely self-educated. He came into politics in his early twenties and self-instructed law in his free time. He is said to be a great political prodigy.

Young Albert Einstein
1. Albert Einstein (Physicist):-
The man who is an inspiration for earnest inventors and students, who is only know as the “Genius” of all time, the one who published 300 scientific papers, and formulated – ‘E=MC2’, the Nobel Prize winner, was truly a high school dropout. He failed in his entrance exam and was denied admission into college. But since great minds always find a way in the end, Einstein finally earned a degree in college