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Amarnath Yatra is one of the most holy pilgrimage for an Hindu. The Holy cave is the abode of Lord Shiva. He is the guardian of the absolute and is the destroyer. He is seen in the form of ice-lingam in this cave. The lingam is formed naturally, which grows and melts in relation to the moon. On its sides are found two more Ice Lingams, which are refered to as Mother Parvathi and Lord Ganesha. Lakhs and lakhs of devotees go on a pilgrimage in the months of July and August every year to see Lord Shiva and obtain eternal bliss.  

     Many centuries ago mother Parvathi wife of lord Shiva asked him the reason for his wearing the beads of heads, to which he replied,” Whenever you are born I add more heads to my bead.” Mother asked,”I die again and again, but you are Immortal. Please tell me the reason behind this.” Lord Shiva replied,” For that you must listen to the Amar Katha.” On mother request Lord Shiva agreed to tell the story. It had to be told from a place where no human being can listen, and so the Amarnath cave was chosen.

     On the way he left his Nandi( the bull He uses to ride) at Pahalgam, the Moon from his hair in Jataon, and the snakes at Lake Sheshnag. Son Ganesha was left at Mahagunas Parvat. The five elements which give birth to life - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky were left at Panjtarni. After entering the cave with Mother, Lord entered into dyanam. To confirm that no living being is in and around the cave, He ordered Kalagni to spread fire around the cave. After all this he started to narrate the story of Immortality. But even after all the safety precautions a pair of pigeons heard the story and became immortal. Many have reported seeing the two pigeons even today, and wonder how they are able to survive in this high altitude and cold climate.

The Holy Cave:
    The shrine is 3,888 m, 46 km from Pahalgam and 14 km from Baltal. It is situated in a narrow gorge at the end of Lidder Valley. The yatra is supposed to start from Srinagar, but it has become a practice to start from Chandanwari. It takes 5 days to complete the yatra. Though the Holy Cave’s existence has been mentioned in the puranas, the re-discovery of this Cave was done by Buta Malik. One day a saint gave Buta a bag full of coal. When he reached home, the coal in the bag had turned into Gold. He went back to meet the sage, but he had disappeared and instead found the Holy Cave and the Ice Lingam. From hence forth the pilgrimage has started.