All New Trends by Catagiri


1. Google Alert Your Name:
This is the best know and easiest way of staying on top of what’s being said about you online. It just takes a minute to activate it. Just go to and enter your name, and variations of your name, with quotation marks around it. Fine, you are done.

2. Clear Browser History And Cookies:
This is a must-to-do every other day. You can also set your browser to clear every session automatically. Just go to the “Privacy” settings in your Browser’s “Options.” Click the “Never remember your history” option. This will reduce considerably the amount of tracking online. You can add-on TACO to reduce in further tracking of your activity online.

3. Use Passwords:
It is a must to do to protect your device or else it is equal to leaving your car or house unlocked. If you are really lucky, no one will enter in, if not, you will lose your personal belongings.

4. Always Sign Out After Finishing:
Always remember to sign out of your online accounts after finishing your work. If it a common computer don’t forget to do so immediately. This not only reduces the amount of others tracking you as you browse in the net, it also prevents others using your device later for loading one of these up and getting inquisitive. This is the main reason for hacking.

5. Switch-On 2-Step Authentication In Gmail:
This is an even simpler method used by millions of people through-out the world. This simply turns on your phone into a security fob. In order to access your Gmail account from a completely new device, the person must need a code which is sent to your mobile phone. So even if they know your password, they cannot access your details from a strange computer. Google says that thousands of people enroll for this security system every other day.

6. Encrypt The Computer:
It is a must to encrypt the computer with a proper and personal password. This saves our details from some who like to peek into our contents. It specially protects our hard drive. To do this on Mac, go to the “Settings”, choose – “Security and Privacy,” – then go to “FileVault,” – choode “Turn on FileVault” option. Fine now the encryption dynamite is on.

7. Use IP Masker:
To hide your footprint online, just download TOR or use an even easier browser-based option like

8. Pay Cash For Your Purchases:
This is the main way by which people get to know your details. So it is strictly advised to pay in cash for the purchased things whenever possible.

9. Use “Friends Only” Settings In Facebook:
 It is a must to change your Facebook Privacy Settings to “Friends Only”. Make sure that it is not set to “Public” while posting on your timeline. If it is in “Custom” option, be sure on what you are posting and to whom.

10. Don’t Disclose Personal Details To Unknown Persons:

 We just give away our personal phone numbers when asked especially in the shops we buy, thinking that they will send us messages about the sales they put up. But unfortunately they use it to track us and our purchases. We never give our numbers to some unknown persons in a bank or bar. In just the same way, try to avoid giving your personal details to any one just in case.