All New Trends by Catagiri



1.AFGHANISTAN :- 3 NOVEMBER 1982 - No. of persons killed >2,000.Following a collision with a Soviet army truck, a petrol tanker exploded in the 2.7 km SALANG TUNNEL. Some authorities have put the death toll from the explosion, fire and fumes as high as 3,000. 

2. COLOMBIA :- 7 AUGUST 1956 - No. of persons killed 1,200.Seven army ammunition trucks exploded at night in the centre of Cali, destroying eight city blocks, including a barracks where 500 soldiers were sleeping.

3. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO :- 2 JULY 2010 - No. of persons killed 230.A fuel tanker overturned and exploded, unleashing a fire ball that devastated the town of Sange.

4. SPAIN :- 11 JULY 1978 - No. of persons killed 217.A liquid gas tanker exploded in Los Alfaques, a camping site at San Carelos de la Rapita.

5. THAILAND :- 15 FEBRUARY 1991 - No. of persons killed 171.A dynamite truck exploded in Phang Nga.

6. NIGERIA :- 5 NOVEMBER 2000 - No. of persons killed 150-200.A petrol tanker collided with a line of parked cars on the llelfe-lbadan Expressway, exploding and burning many to death. Some estimates put the final too as high as 200.

7. NEPAL :- 26 NOVEMBER 1974 - No. of persons killed 148.Hindu pilgrims were killed when a suspension bridge over the River Mahakali collapsed.

8. EGYPT :- 9 AUGUST 1973 - No. of persons killed 127.A bus drove into an irrigation canal.

9. TOGO :- 6 DECEMBER 1965 - No. of persons killed >125.Two lorries collided with dancers during a festival at Sotouboua.

10. KENYA :- 1 FEBRUARY 2009 - No. of persons killed 113.A petrol tanker overturned near Molo and burst into flames as locals attempted to remove fuel.


1. TELWATTA :- SRI LANKA - 29 DECEMBER 2004.  No. of persons killed - 2,000. The Queen of the Sea Train was struck by the Indian Ocean Tsuanami. The resulting devastation made it impossibel to determine the precise number of casualties on the train, a figure of 1,700 to 2,000 being officially quoted.


2. BAGMATI RIVER, INDIA :- 6 JUNE 1981  No. of persons killed - <800. Carriges of the train plunged off a bridge when the driver braked, apprently to avoid hitting a sacred cow. Although the official death toll was said to have been 268, many authorities have claimed that the train was so massively overcrowded that the actual figure was in excess of 800. 


3. CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA :- 3 JUNE 1989.  No. of persons killed - <800. Two passenger trains, laden with holidaymakers heading to and from Black Sea resorts, were destroyed when liquid gas from a nearby pipeline exploded. 


4. GUADALAJARA, MEXICO :- 18 JANUARY 1915.  No. of persons killed >600. A train derailed on a steep incline, but political stride in the country meant that full details of the disaster were suppressed.  


5. MODANE, FRANCE :- 12 DECEMBER 1971.  No. of persons killed - 543. A troop-carrying train ran out of control and was derailed. It has been claimed that it was so overcrowded that as many as 800 may have died.

6. BALVANO, ITALY :- 2 MARCH 1944.  No. of persons killed - 521. A heavily laden train stalled in the Armi Tunnel, and many passengers were asphyxiated. Like the disaster at Torre wartime secrecy prevented full details from being published.  


7. TORRE, SPAIN :- 3 JANUARY 1944.  No. of persons killed - >500. A double collision and fire in a tunnel resulted in many deaths - some authorities have put the total as high as 800.  

8. AWASH, ETHIOPIA :- 13 JANUARY 1985.  No. of persons killed - 428. A derailment hurled a train laden with some 1,000 passengers into a ravine.  

9. CIREAU, ROMANIA :- 7 JANUARY 1917.  No. of persons killed - 374. An overcrowded passenger train crashed into a military train and was derailed.  

10. REQA AL-GHARBIYA, EGYPT :- 20 FEBRUARY 2002.  No. of persons killed - 373. A fire on the Cairo-Luxor train engulfed the carriages. The driver was unaware and continued while passengers were burned or leapt from the train to their deaths.