All New Trends by Catagiri


  • If a meditative man constantly worships Me through the path of devotion, all the desires of his heart are destroyed, for I reside in his heart.
  • Hence, the practice of knowledge or dispassion is scarcely of any use to the yogi who is devoted to Me and has his mind centred in Me.
  • Whatever is acquired through works, austerities, knowledge, dispassion, yoga, charity, or through any other means of well-being, my devotee easily attains it all through devotion to Me.
  • The man who has no desire and cares for nothing, attains devotion to Me.
  • Merits and defects arising from the performance of acts, do not affect those saints who are exclusively devoted to Me.
  • Always praising me, striving with austere vows and bowing down to Me with devotion, always steadfast, they worship Me.
  • I look after the accession to and maintenance of the welfare of such ever-devout persons, who think of nothing else and worship Me through meditation.
  • By devotion he knows Me truly, how much and what I am. Then, having known Me truly, he forthwith enters into ME.
  • Many are the means described for the attainment of the highest good such as love, performance of duty, self-control, truthfulness, sacrifices, gifts, austerity, charity, vows, observance of moral precepts, etc.
  • But of all I could name, verily love is the highest - love and devotion that make one forgetful of everything else, love that unites the lover with Me. What ineffable joy does one find through love of Me, the blissful Atman! Once that joy is realized, all earthly pleasures fade into nothingness.
  • As fire kindled into a blaze burns the faggots to ashes, so O Uddhava, devotion to Me completely consumes all evil.
  • I, the Atman, dear to the devotees, am attainable by love and devotion. Devotion to Me purifies even the lowliest of the low.
  • Let not your mind run after the things of the world, for they are empty as dreams. Give your mind to Me, devote yourself to Me, meditate on Me.
  • O Uddhava, neither yoga, nor knowledge, nor piety, nor study, nor austerity, nor renunciation captives Me so much as a heightened devotion to Me.
  • I, the dear Atman of the pious, am attainable by devotion alone, which is the outcome of faith.
  • As gold smelted by fire gives up its dross and gets back its real state, so the mind, by means of a systematic devotion to Me winnows off its desire for work and attains Me.
  • The mind of a man who thinks of sense-objects, is attached to them, but the mind of one who remembers Me is merged in Me alone.
  • Therefore giving up dwelling on unreal things, which are no better than dreams or fancies, concentrate on ME, the mind clarified by devotion.
  • Those who, renouncing all actions in ME and being attracted to Me, worship Me with unswerving devotion, through meditation - these people, who have fixed their mind on Me, I quickly redeem from this ocean of trans-migratory existence beset with death.
  • He by whom the world is not afflicted and whom the world cannot afflict, he who is free from joy and anger, fear and anxiety- he is dear to Me.
  • He who is free from dependence, who is pure and prompt, unconcerned and untroubled, and who has renounced all undertakings - dear to Me is the man who is thus devoted to Me.
  • He who is unchanged by praise or blame, who is silent, content with whatever he has, homeless, firm of mind, and full of devotion - that man is dear to Me.
  • Extremely dear to Me are they who regard Me as the Supreme Goal, and endowed with faith and devotion, follow this nectar-like religion.