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SEAN HYMAN is very famous for his legitimate appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television, but what we really don't know is that he is a former Pastor, and his enigmatical investments is connected with the Bible. This explains why, in-spite of his astonishing ability to forecast specific moves in the stock market, Sean is often made fun at for his unique style on investing.

For instance a few months when back Sean came on Bloomberg Television, Best Buy - BBY was dropping to all-time lows of $16/share. Sean prognosticated that the stock could go down to $11/share, and would quickly bounce back to $25/share, and after that it would go up to $40/share by next year. Another person on the show mocked Sean for this comment, saying," $40 on Best Buy? If that's the case Apple (AAPL) is going to $1,500. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!" But at that time Apple was trading at $650/share.

But Sean had his last laugh when Best Buy dropped down to $11.20 a share and and bounced back to $30/ share, increasing upto $ 40, as predicted by him.

When Sean was inquired how he was able to predict the above incident, he revealed his secret to be the BIBLE. Many know that he is a Christian. But usually people will not connect God with any thing else, especially MONEY. But that is not the case with Sean. For him Bible is the Foundation for investments.

He clearly explains that a "BIBLICAL MONEY CODE" is beautifully woven into the Scripture. It was this money code that took him from making $15,000 a year to a whopping $ 50,000 / year. Sean also helped to turn his fathers retirement cash from $ 40,000 to $ 396,000.He says some big investor like Warren Buffett and John Templeton have already used this code to make billions. Here is the video of the Biblical Money Code by Sean.

This video is been watched by many and is spreading vi-rally. In this presentation Sean uses the teachings of King Solomon, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostle Paul to explain how one can get ride of debt, make sound investments and morally build a substantial wealth. 

Sean also indicates that - "debilitating 'financial sin' that blinds many....and could be costing you up to 41% of your life savings at this very moment." What is so victimize about this sin is how innocent and safe it appears at first. But ultimately at the end, he ends up with his "12-12-12" plan for investing. It is just a very simple step plan to start as a hoarder, to a capitalist, to a good Samaritan.