All New Trends by Catagiri



  • One day in the course of a conversation about God, Mathur Babu observed, " God too is bound by the laws of nature; He cannot act just as He wishes," Sri Ramakrishna said, " How can that be so? He acts just as He pleases, HE can do anything He likes. " Mathur Babu said."Can He produce white flowers on this red Hibiscus plant by His mere wish? Sri Ramakrishna replied,"Certainly He can do that. If it be His wish, this red Hibiscus plant shall  bear white flowers." But Mother did not seem to be fully convinced. As a matter of fact, however, in a few days it was seen that the Hibiscus plant bore tow flowers, one red and other white, on two different offshoots of the same branch. Sri Ramakrishna carried the main branch with the two offshoots to Mathur, who felt highly surprised and exclaimed, "Father! I will never more argue a point with Thee."
  • The Lord can pass an elephant through the eye of the needle. He can do whatever He likes
  • The snake has poison in its fangs, but it is none the worse for it. The poison does not affect it or cause its death. It is poison in relation to other creatures whom it may chance to bite So also, although the phenomenal universe exists in God, He is beyond and above it. The universe of phenomena exists as such only for us.
  • The sun is many times bigger than the earth but distance makes it look like a very small disc. So the Lord is infinitely great, but being too far away from Him we fail to comprehend His real greatness
  • God is like unto a hill of sugar. A small ant carries away from it a small grain of sugar, a bigger one takes from it a considerably larger grain. But the hill remains as large as before. So are the devotees of God. They become ecstatic with even a grain of one Divine attribute. No one can contain within him all His attributes.


  • It is the nature of the lamp to give light. With its help some may cook food, some may forge deeds, and some may read the Bhagavata (scriptures). Is it the fault of the Light? So, is it the fault of God that some try to attain salvation with the help of His Holy Name, while others use His name for success in attempted theft?
  • You get what you seed. God is like the KALPATARU (the wish-yielding tree) - everyone gets from Him what he seeks. A poor man's son having received education and become a judge of the High Court is apt to think that he is all right. God also echoes his thought and says, "Do thou continue so." Afterwards hen the same judge has retired on  pension, he begins to see things in their true light and puts to himself the question, :What real work have I done in this life?" God echoes his words and says, :Yes, very true what hast thou done?"
  • God is like the divine wish-yielding tree (Kalpataru), which gives whatever one asks of it. So one should be careful to give up all worldly desires when one's mind has been purified by religious exercises.

     A certain traveler came to a large plain in the course of his travels. As he had been walking in the sun for a good many hours, he was thoroughly exhausted and was heavily perspiring; so he sat down in the shade of a tree to take a little rest.  Presently he began to think what a comfort it would be could be but get a soft bed there to sleep upon. The traveler had no idea that he was sitting under the divine tree. As soon as the above thought rose in his mind he found a nice bed by his side. He felt much astonished, but all the same stretched himself on it. Now he thought to himself, how pleasant it would be were a young damsel to come there and gently stroke his legs, No sooner had the thought arisen in his n mind than he found a young damsel sitting near his feet and stroking his legs. The traveler felt supremely happy. 
     Presently he felt hungry and thought within himself, :I have got whatever I have wished for; could I not then get some food?" Instantly he found various kinds of delicious food spread before him. He at once fell to eating and having helped himself to his heart's content, stretched himself again on his bed. He now began to revolve in his mind the events of the day. While thus occupied he thought to himself, "If a tiger should attack me all of a sudden!" In an instant a large tiger jumped upon him and broke his neck and began to drink his blood. In this way the traveler lost his life. Such is the fate of men in general. 
      If during your meditation you pray for men or money or worldly honors, your desires are no doubt satisfied to some extent, but mind! there is the dread of the tiger hidden behind the gifts you get. Those tigers-disease, bereavements, loss of honor, and wealth, etc. - are a thousand times more terrible than to live tiger. 


  • Do you know how God dwells in man? He dwells in the same way as ladies of wealthy families do behind a latticed screen. They can see everybody, but no one can see them. God abides in all in an exactly similar way.
  • As fishes playing in a pond covered over with reeds and scum cannot be seen from outside, so God plays invisible in the heart of man, being screened by MAYA from human view.
  • The watchman can see with a dark lantern (bull's eye) everyone on whom he throws its rays, but no one can see him so long as  he does not turn the light upon himself. So does God see everyone, but no one sees Him until the Lord reveals Himself to him in His mercy.

  • How does the Lord dwell in the body?
He dwells in the body like the plug of a syringe that is, in the body, and yet apart from it.