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 A secret many shampoo industries don't want you to know is that, when you wash your hair with shampoo, you are really removing off the natural oils on the hair and scalp. The cleansing agent in most of the shampoos is SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE. It is a very damaging substance. It causes the hair to become dry, frizzy, dull and makes the natural color to fade. Unknowingly we spend a lot of money in buying such products. 

     Only the hair professionals are good in dealing with this problem. The famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, tried to find an alternate way for this problem. His customers reported that their hair looked brassy and dull after a visit to his saloon. He found out the reason to be the shampoo that he was using in his saloon. He started trying out various products including herbs and botanical.

     The resultant was a new way to cleanse our hair in a very harmless way. It is called WEN CLEANSING. This product WEN has a super-hydrating blend of glycerin, chamomile, rosemary, calendula and cherry bark, which when combined in the correct quantities gives a clean hair which is soft, shinny. It worked good even in damaged hair. 

     WEN is a 5-in-1 formula. It is a good re-placer of our shampoo, conditioner, deep-conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. The most special feature of this WEN is that it cleanses without lather. Alternatively it gives a shiny, healthy-looking, manageable result when mixed with water. It might feel little weird when used for the first time, but after seeing/feeling the result you will be surely satisfied. 

     Before introducing the product to the market, it was run under many extensive consumer tests. The result was very imposing. Almost 90% of the people who under went the test felt that their hair was more shiny, less frizzy and had more bounce. WEN is recommended for all hair types. Once you start using it you will become its ardent fan, and will not change to other shampoos. It will be included in your daily routine.