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        KELLY CLARKSON would like to cavort the " I DO "  part and go straight to being Mrs. Blackstock! This was said by the bride-to-be Kelly in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'  Tuesday, August 20, who yammered about the difficulties of planning her October wedding to fiance BRANDON BLACKSTOCK.
     "Its two months away. It's end of October. I'm so over it," she shared. "It's so overwhelming. We're just doing a lot: touring and the wedding and the Christmas album, so I'm over the wedding part."
         Kelly Clarkson is a GRAMMY AWARD WINNING SINGER. She also won THE AMERICAN IDOL.  She became engaged to Blackstock in December 2012. The son of Clarkson's longtime manager Narvel Blackstock and stepson of Reba Mc Entrie has two children from a previous marriage.Kelly says she is proud to be a STEP MOM to Blackstock's children. 
    "I have a 12-year-old and a 6-year-old now.. after being single for six years!" Clarkson told Seacrest. "We all live together and's so different, but it's perfect. They're awesome and I actually really dig the mom thing.. I am quick to go, 'I told you not to touch that!'... I am totally my mom. My mom was a hard mom."
     Though they may already feel married, Clarkson and Blackstock are planning a wedding in Nashville. A source told US Weekly,"Kelly wants it to be small but really personal and fun...and is planning most of it by herself."
    But the STRONG singer can't get over how happy she is with her soon-to-be husband. "It's not a try-hard situation," she said of her relationship with Blackstock. "It's easy. It's work - after a year and a half that puppy phase (is over) and reality starts to set in - but it's fun work. We're very similar. It's easy." Clarkson is certain she's with the man who is meant for her. "Brandon's totally the one," she said in the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. "I've never been so happy."