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 CHICAGO,July 30, 2013 - PRNewswire - - the foremost online resource for buying and selling new and used cars has named the 2013 KIA OPTIMA  avertible midsize Sedan. The main criteria taken into account for the evaluation was - equipment like power window, Bluetooth, USB connection, automatic transmitter, cruise control , power drivers seat and a rear view camera And most importantly fuel cost for 5 years was taken into account. listed out 10 cars from the most affordable to the least affordable in which Kia Optima ranked top of the table. "The Optima topped the list because of its combination of great features, low price and impressive estimated 5 yr fuel cost'a ," said Patrick Olsen,'s Editor-in-chief. "With as estimated $ 9,750 in fuel cost over 5 yrs, the Optima topped out at just $ 32,975, which is more than $ 3,000 lower than the average midsize sedan for the same period of time."

     "The mid size sedan remains one of the most popular segments in the US," said Olsen. "They serve as great cars fro families, commuters, road trippers and more. Because of this, car makers offers a dizzying amount of styles and options, but with differing content that can make it hard for shoppers to compare apples to apples. That's why we've put this together, so that shoppers can understand when the most value is before they head to their dealer."

  • The Kia Optima was $ 645 less expensive than the next most affordable Sedan.
  • The Kia Optima Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid were most affordable after 5 years than seven other non-hybrids on the list.
  • The Ford Fusion Hybrid was $ 1,550 more affordable than the non-hybrid Fusion because its better equipped at the trim level that fit our criteria and gets significantly better gas mileage.
  • Fusion Hybrid's purchase price is $3,200 more than the standard Fusion.
  • Chrysler's 200 and Doges Avenger don't offer a back-up camera - not even as an option. 
  • The all-wheel-drive Subaru Legacy will cost less at the pump than the front wheel drive. Chevy Malibu, Fusion or Volkswagen Passat.