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     Doing work-outs in a gym day after day alone will not help to look fit and healthy. A person's diet also plays an important role in maintaining ones figure & fitness. There are 10 power foods which help women to keep fit, feel great, have a stable mind and feel more energetic than before. For all this we must know the nutritional basis of each food & the best way to take them. They are spelled out here for you:-

          1.  PARMESA CHEESE :-              HELPS TO BUTTRESS BONES
  CALCIUM is the main mineral to strengthen the bone and helps to prevent us from osteoporosis (especially in 20's). Women need at least 1000 mg/day, for normal living. We have it in abundance in yogurt & non-fat mild. But it seems too much when we take it three times a day. So add on parmesan cheese into the diet cause it has 340 mg of calcium in an ounce alone when compared to cheddar cheese which has only 200 mg / ounce. 

              2. APPLES:-              HELPS TO INCREASE IMPUNITY


     Apples are a rich source of QUERCETIN, which is an antioxidant helping to boost the disease- fighting capacity of the body. A study made in Appalachian State University shows that  5% of  those who took quercetin came down with a respiratory infection, when compared to those who did not take them.

               3. LENTILS:-             HELPS TO INCREASE IRON CONTENT .

     About 12% f women have very low iron in the body. This leads to ANEMIA, a condition in which the number of RBC's in the blood are reduced. Women who are anemic seem to perform poorly in skill tests than the normal women. Low-fat lentils seem to provide with 30% of the daily requirement of iron / cup cooked.

              4. BROCCOLI:-             HELPS TO GIVE SKIN ELASTICITY.

          "A cup of broccoli has 100% of Vitamin C which is crucial for the production of COLLAGEN which gives skin elasticity," says Tammy Lakatos Shames, R.D. It is also a resource of Beta-carotene, ultimately converted to Vitamin A by the body.This vitamin helps in replacing old cell with new ones.

          5. POTATOES:-                  HELPS TO KEEP WEIGHT IN CHECK.

     The RESISTANT STARCH present in the potatoes is a fat fighting compound that can helps to keep our weight in check. One medium sized potato gives only 100 calories. It is also rich in POTASSIUM, which helps to prevent heart attack.

          6.SPINACH:-                     HELPS TO FIGHT BREAKDOWN OF BONES.

       There are a lot of nutrients  in spinach. It has a good source of VITAMIN K, CALCIUM  and MAGNESIUM. All these three as a combo help to slow down the  disintegration of bones which occur in older ages. It has FOLATE (vitamin B) which avoids birth defects. A cup of spinach gives us only 7 calories!

         7.DARK CHOCOLATE:-                    HELPS TO REDUCE STRESS.

     Cortisol is a stress hormone which rises our blood pressure. If found in high levels it creates a risk for  despondency, adiposity, heart disease and many more disorders. If we eat an ounce and a half of dark chocolate every day it reduces the production of stress hormone - cortisol. This also made women feel less exhausted.

          8. MUSHROOMS:-                        HELPS TO FIGHT CANCER.

      A study showed that taking a raw button mushroom a day controls the production of aromatase . This  protein helps produce hormone  estrogen- a major factor in Breast cancer.

           9. SARDINES:-                   HELPS FIGHT HEART DISEASE.

      These piquant little fishes are a very good source of OMEGA-3, which reduces infection that can lead to blocked arteries. They also arrest blocks in the blood vessels which leads to stroke & attacks. It helps to keep the walls of blood vessels even and agile. Three ounces of sardines have 1.3 gm of omega 3, while we need only 1 gm / day.

           10. AVOCADOS:-                   HELPS TO REDUCE  WEIGHT.

          The MONO-SATURATED FATS present in the avocado, helps to reduce our weight even in the toughest areas of the body. In a study, people who got the most mono-saturated fats (about 23% of daily calories) had 5 pounds less belly fat than those who ate a high-carb , lower-fat diet.   

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