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SAMSUNG GALAXY S4- The next generation smart phone - SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES..

     With the introduction of Galaxy S 4, it has booted up the competition with Apple iPhone. It is already being acclaimed an being better than iPhone 5. The very special highlighted features are listed here for you:

  •  It is a life COMPANION. It is designed to make your life "SIMPLER, RICHER & EVEN MORE SMARTER." It helps  to capture all the fun around you.
  • The outlandish wide full HD Super AMOLED 5 inches screen has 441 ppi for brilliant HD viewing quality. So there is extended viewing with a little to clasp.
  • It has a GROUP PLAY option with which we can  connect wireless  many S 4's  & share music, videos, games & documents, instantaneously.
  • Another very useful feature is the DRAMA SHOT. Using this we can take multiple photos and create a assemblage which are merged in to one charismatic photo.
  • The highlighted feature of it is that one can take a picture of them self and their surroundings at the same time. I t is done easily by the two 13 pixels cameras mounted on either side of the smart phone.
  • It also has a SOUND & SHOT feature in which we can record what we were saying while taking a photo.
  • While watching a video, whenever you look away it automatically pauses using the SMART PAUSE feature and continues immediately when we look back at the screen. 
  • It has a TRANSLATOR which comes in handy while travelling abroad, helping us to divulge with the local people. ( this feature is available for selective languages only.)
  • It has a AIR GESTURE feature which helps in operating the phone without touching it.
  • It is even designed to monitor our health and well-being.