All New Trends by Catagiri


     Now days Walmart stores has become very disorganized. A particular store in Pitts-field, Massachusetts (shop no. 201)was found in complete chaos. Each and every rack was toppled. Nothing was put in accordance with their merchandise. In the dress sections, many new clothes were lying on the floor. This raised the question of sanitation in the Mart. It was just not that one section alone. The whole Mart was very poorly organised. There were running out-of -stock if essential commodities. Many electronic items too were not properly displayed.
      What has happened to such a wonderful trend setting retailer?
            Walmart was mainly famous for its, tidiness, immaculateness and a wide collection of commodities. It was the founder - Sam Walton' conviction to offer the best to his customers. Now 21 years have gone without him. Though it has grown beyond dreams it has become a big establishment which needs to take care of it outlet.

     Because of its mass size, organizing it has become more difficult. There are no proper supervisors in the store to do the needful. This condition is mainly due to the cut down of operating staff to increase their profit.
          If Walmart wants to remain the leader of a discounted store with low prize, it must definitely pay considerable contemplation to the presentation of the store, authenticated value of the products it sells and show gratitude to its costumer.