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      The Community Store House Charity is a home for children facing loss of a parent, loss of income or even children with poor health conditions. In the Summer season they run reading classes and food for the children. Usually donations dries up in this season when it is most wanted. Adding on to this tough time the charity has to face on more big loss of a "DONATED TRUCK" used to collect the donations and supplies for the children from various places. The truck was a real big one. It was not there when they returned Monday morning. 
      Mr. Bill Lytle of the charity said," We are really in need of the truck because we have to pick up donations and supplies a number of times in a week." The truck was driven away from its parking, breaking open the fence and the gate before it. Executive Director Barbare Board says she was left very sick after the loss. "I don't have the money to replace the truck. So to get it back will be wonderful," she said.
         The truck has the name and address of the charity painted on it. So people can easily identify it. Anyone can help them to find the truck and also help the cause with a donation to :-