All New Trends by Catagiri


1. Earth is not a perfect sphere.
The centrifugal force pushes the
 Earth outwards at the equator
giving it a slightly bulged.
2. While standing on the equator
we would be spinning around
the Earth’ center at 1000 miles/hr,
but at the poles we would be
relatively standing still and turning
just in circles.

3. We are constantly moving
around in space at 67,000
4. The hottest temperature
ever recorded on the surface
of the Earth is 136
F or
C in El Azizia, Libya, in 1922.

5. Likewise the coldest temperature
every recorded was a bone chilling
0 F or -89.2C at
Antarctica’s Vostok station.
6. Antarctica has 70%
of Earth’s fresh
water and 90%
of it is ice.

7. Gravity on Earth is not well
distributed around the earth.
Places like Hudson Bay in Canada
seem to have less gravity when
compared to other regions mainly
because they seem to have less
land mass. But the balance is
maintained by the retreating
glaciers on the surface and the
swirling magma deep in the core.

8. The magnetic North Pole
of the Earth is moving
northward at a rate of
10 miles/hour.

9. There is a belief by the
 scientist that Earth may
have had two moons
at some point of time.
10.  But some seem to approve
 that Earth has two moon’s
because now and then there
is an asteroid that gets sucked
 into our orbit and keeps sticking
 around for a continuous 9 months.

11.  Earthquakes are not
the only quakes that cause 

changes in the  Earth. The Moonquakes 
 also make a good difference by affecting 
the tides of the oceans 
and seas.
12. The world’s longest mountain
range is the one underwater.
It is called the Mid Ocean
Ridge System. It is 80,000 km
 long which goes around the
world and is 20 times
longer than the longest
mountain range on 
the surface
 of the Earth (The Andes) and
all the mountains are volcanic.

14. The oceans cover about 70%
of our surface but we have
explored only 5% of them.
13. The most active volcano in
the wo
rld is the Stromboli Volcano
in Southern Italy because it has been
erupting almost continuously for the
past 2,000 years. It has been rightly
 nicknamed as “The Lighthouse
of the Mediterranean.”

15. Made-up of millions and millions
of tiny polyps, the Coral reefs are the
 largest living structures on Earth and
some can be seen clearly from space.