All New Trends by Catagiri


  • When on a trip to a beach, the first thing to do is be polite to the people on the desk, cause their know the best room in the hotel which is airy and spacious with a good scenery for the same cost.
  • Hotels rooms tend to rent out umbrellas and chairs to be used in the beach. It costs up to $ 100. Instead just walk down the corner to WINGS OR ALWINS and grab a new umbrellas for just $ 20. Use if for a week and then just discard it when you are leaving the city. The same can be done for snorkel gear and boogie board.
  • When ever a child is separated from the family look out for him/her on the downwind side, cause it is easier for them to walk with little resistance.
  • Try to use bright colored towels and umbrellas while in the beach. This will help the kids, some times for yourself to find back the way to your family.
  • Have bottle of vinegar when going to the beach. It is a real good first aid for jellyfish sting. It helps to remove the sting.
  • Advice your children, not to collect live shells like starfish and sand dollars,cause if caught you will have to pay a heavy fine.
  • While walking down the road, have an eye on the offers put up for the day in the restaurants and travel desk. This when availed will save a lot of money.
  • Carry baby power with you when you are going to the beach. Just apply them on to your body. It will surely make all the sand to drop off from your skin.
  • For babies who are very small it is not safe to take them into the sea. So you can buy a small inflated baby pool, fill it with the required amount of sea water, keep it next to you and make the baby sit right beside you Give them a bucket and a spade. Now they will be happy and safe with you.
  • Now a days Ocean resorts are becoming costlier. For those for whom it is a burden, you can opt a lake resort instead. It costs cheaper and they also avail all the water sports you find on the seashore. This will surely save you a $ 1000.